Michelle Qiao is a writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a six-time national YoungArts winner, a three-time Scholastic Gold and American Voices Medalist, and a California Arts Scholar. In performance, she is the California state champion in spoken word poetry (CHSSA). Most recently, her stage play was produced at a festival previously funded by the David Letterman Foundation; her work has been recognized by the Lincoln Center for the Arts, American High School Poets, published in over a dozen anthologies, staged at the San Jose Museum of Art, and featured on PBS, the New York Times, Hueman Group Media, and Broadway World. Michelle has been named a 2021 National Kindness Fellow for her grant-funded project Stories to Heal combating AAPI hate with storytelling as well as a Stanford SPICE China Scholar. She is very passionately involved in social work at Writopia lab and as an intern at the California AEA. 

Kei Lim is a first-year at Amherst College looking to study English and perhaps something else, too. They are a submission reader for The Common, and fill as much of their time as possible with reading, writing, and editing. At Amherst, they are Managing Opinion Editor for The Student (the college newspaper), work on The Indicator (a student literary magazine) and are Community Service Coordinator for The Poetry Club. Kei loves teaching, and hopes to inspire in others, a lifelong love for the literary arts.


Poetry & Prose Editor

Samantha Capps (she/they) is a software engineer by trade who moonlights as a poet and an electronic music producer. They like dogs, trees, Pokémon, and coffee. You can find their video and music content on YouTube and music streaming services like Spotify under the name Winifred The American.

Sarah Bricault has a PhD in neurobiology from MIT and currently works as a postdoc in that field. Her fascination with the mind and how it processes information often finds itself in her poetry, as do themes related to mental health. Sarah's work can be found in Brown Bag Online, Beyond Words, Serotonin Poetry, High Shelf Press, and elsewhere. For more information on Sarah, check out SarahBricault.com.


Prose Editor


Managing Editor