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Call for Editors

Flare is currently looking to expand its editorial board and is open to applications for editorial positions. Interested applicants of any background are encouraged to apply––we look for a genuine love of the arts. As an editor, you will have the opportunity to work with distinguished writers and artists from all 50 US states and over six dozen countries on every continent. We have previously published work from a state poet laureate, published novelists, university professors, and writers and artists whose work has been exhibited internationally and printed in the New Yorker, the New York Times, Harvard Review, and more. Beyond these distinctions, we also have the chance to uplift artists of all backgrounds who may have gotten the courage to submit their work for the first time. The one unifying aspect within our community is a common love for the arts, and we hope you will join us! 

Send a short biography describing your interest and qualifications to us at From there, we will set up further communication. Positions are volunteer based.


Submit your poetry, prose, art, and photography for publication- we're looking for work that is honest, personal, and riveting. Anyone, regardless of age or geographic location, is eligible to submit. We currently do not pay contributors- however, we hope to in the future! There is no submission fee. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Keep in mind that Flare caters to a wide audience of all ages. 

Submit to

Title the document with the name of the submission and your name. 

Example: Untitled - Jane Doe

In the email, include a biography and a description of the work.

Subject line should be category_full name 

Example: Poetry_Jane Doe

Poetry or Prose:

Upon acceptance, Flare receives North American publishing rights and archival rights. All rights revert to the author after publication. Submissions should be in 12 pt Times New Roman and .pdf or .docx format. There is no limit to the number of pieces you submit; we only ask that the word count not exceed 3,000.

Art or Photography:

Send us your art or photography to be published in .jpeg or .png format. Any medium is welcome! There is no limit to the number of pieces you submit.

Acceptance decisions for Issue Nine will be released in Spring 2023. 

We look forward to reading your submission!

*Unless submitting to Issue Nine's AI dossier with a clear header, we do not accept artificially created work. Please celebrate your originality and creativity!

Themed Dossiers

Beginning in Issue Eight, Flare will feature themed dossiers (a collection of work surrounding a particular concept) within each issue to provide more submission opportunities, help artists generate new work, and spark conversations on particular topics. Submitting work themed around the dossier may increase chances of acceptance.

For the dossier of Issue Nine, we are cautiously but curiously inviting you to create and submit using artificial intelligence as a tool for creativity. Please submit with a clear [AI DOSSIER] label in the subject line. Our brilliant art editor Veronica Marshall raised the question of how publications should respond to machine-created art. We stand for originality and expression of the individual, telling stories of the irreplicable human experience. We also recognize that technology can be an expansion of creativity when used as a tool––for example, the connective power of an online publication. So, our AI Dossier invites you to create work that explores the intersection of art and technology with the meditated use of AI. Please include an artist or writer’s statement detailing the work’s use of AI, and its contributions to the meaning of the work. We seek intentionality and creativity in your use of digital tools. 

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